"Competitive Motor Sport simply for the fun of it"

FoSC Spring Invitation Meeting

Sunday 23rd October - "Amaroo" South Circuit
Sydney Motorsport Park

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Historic Touring Car Association ( NSW) Tribute to Charles Jardine

At the FoSC Winter Invitation, the HTCA(NSW) drivers formed up four abreast with lights on for a "Tribute to Charles" drive-by down the main staright, on the first of two warm up laps immediately preceeding the first evnt on the day. This drive-by tribute can be viewed on You Tube at HTCA Tribute to Charles Drive-by  

Thank you HTCA (NSW)

FoSC Winter Invitation – Hats off to Charles

Saturday 20 th August, Druitt Circuit, SMP.

Congratulations to everyone for making our Winter Invitation not only another successful FoSC race meeting,
but also a special day for Charles’ family and friends.

Charles’ illness and sudden passing in July meant that everyone had to pitch in and work extra hard to pull this meeting together in just a few weeks. As a result, we had some teething problems with the new systems, which we had to use. But thanks to many late nights, and everyone going above and beyond the call of duty, we got there, aided and abetted by the scores of FoSC regulars – drivers, officials and supporters – that Charles had attracted over the years.

Race categories included the Payce HTCA Championship, the NSW Excel Series and a field of Historic and Invited Sports and Touring Cars. While Regularity ran to two well-subscribed fields, with the usual interesting mix of vehicles.

The Historic Touring Cars Association’s tribute to the man in the deerstalker hat . Photo: Dave Nichols

Special features of the day were two tributes to Charles: the first from the HTCA drivers with a four-abreast lights-on drive-past preceding their first race of the day; then, at lunchtime, the flaggies, Firechase, recovery teams and other officials paid their respects on the Starting Grid. Katherine and the family were deeply touched and we pass on their thanks to all concerned.

The Historic Touring Cars Association came to the fore again at Happy Hour, wheeling out their mobile barbeque-cum-bar so that everyone could get together, thank the volunteers and celebrate this special day.

Another issue of Track Times is being constructed in the FoSC workshop as we speak and will go online shortly. Meanwhile, drive safely and we look forward to seeing everyone again, as we continue the legacy, on Sunday October 23 rd for the next FoSC meeting, on the SMSP South Circuit.

Entries are now open via     www.motorevententry.org

Track Times
An informal newsletter from the Festival of Sporting Cars Team.

Issue 26 -- Available NOW

Past Issues
Issue 22 Issue 23 Issue 24 Issue 25


Track Times Archive

FoSC Autumn Invitation "Wrap"
Saturday & Sunday 16th - 17th April Wakefield Park Circuit


Late entries – including some on the weekend itself – brought the numbers up over 100. The forecast thunderstorm never eventuated – although we have did a small grass-fire Saturday morning, which was quickly dealt with by our experienced team. Long-time supporters, and expert drivers, HTCA NSW provided exciting Australian touring car competition – complete with a classic Mini-Mustang duel.

Brad Tilley (’66 Mustang) and Peter O’Brien (’71 Falcon) line up on the front row for their HTCA Championship race. Photo: Dave Nichols.

Now an established FoSC field, the Excels featured their usual close (sometimes a bit too close) racing. In Regularity, we saw an eclectic mix of vehicles, with representatives from over 70 years of motoring activity, making up two fields – including some welcome newcomers – and, according to Safety Car driver Ian Mudge, performing some textbook starts. Group S had dedicated point-scoring races, although numbers were down – post-Phillip Island? – but they were supplemented on Sunday by entries from Denis Best and Bret MacManus (thanks guys). In Historic & Invited Sports & Touring Cars, David Stone (’94 MX-5 ) – another long-time FoSC supporter – was front-runner; and it was interesting so see him taken on by Damien Meyer (’63 MG Midget) when we ran a combined event late on Sunday. (Damien also set a new lap record for his class, at 1.0495.) Special thanks to Clerk of Course, Kathy Gibson, for handling everything so professionally – the best ‘Get Well’ message Charles could wish for! Stand by for the full story in the next issue of Track Times.

Dave Nichols, President.






FoSC 2016 Calendar of Events


Sunday 23rd October - "Amaroo" South Circuit
Sydney Motorsport Park


Any groups wishing to arrange a "special field" at any of these events should contact a member of the FoSC committee
as soon as possible





Thank you to all the Officials and Entrants who have supported the Festival of Sporting Cars Events throughout 2015.
After some well deserved "time off for good behaviour", we hope to see you at one or more of the 2016 events listed above.

The FoSC Committee


FoSC Summer Invitation at Sydney Motorsport Park, 21st February


Last Sunday saw our first meeting of the year. The entry list of over 170 featured grids of Formula Race Cars, Payce Historic Touring Cars, Pulsars, Historic and Invited Sports and Touring Cars, and two grids of Regularity.

Scrutineering opened at 6.00am to cope with the numbers and Practice kicked off at 9.00am, followed by three competition events for each category. Sadly, the final (Regularity) event of the day was cancelled after the previous race was red-flagged and we ran out of track time due to a lengthy vehicle recovery.

Big thanks go to all our officials, flaggies, volunteers, emergency crews and recovery teams, as well the ARDC.

As just one of our entrants told us, “… thank you for organising yet another great day of motor sport, the event was organised well and ran smoothly from my point of view, despite just a huge number of cars.”More details will be available in the next issue of Track Times and our photo gallery will be updated as we receive shots from the attending photographers. Meanwhile you can check all the practice and competition results at Natsoft.

FoSC 10th Birthday Invitation Meeting

Saturday/Sunday 2nd / 3rd May - Wakefield Park

View results here

It’s been a busy few days since our last race meeting, especially with the preparations for our May 31 st one-day meeting on the SMP Amaroo (South) Circuit. So the next issue of Track Times is on the back-burner while we produce the Programme for May 31 st.

However, we can’t let the meeting at Wakefield Park go unreported. Especially after all the kind emails we have received. In short, it was a huge success! A great roll-up of entries. Weather that was much better than had been forecast. And on-track action that, at one stage, had everyone in Race Control on their feet cheering – the Falcon/Torana battle in the final Payce Historic Touring Car event of the weekend.

Despite frequent showers, a cool track surface and very close competition, there were hardly any incidents other than a number of spins. Congratulations everyone.

The meeting was a mix of “back to our roots” – with a large Grp S field, two Regularity fields, the aforementioned HTCA, and Alfas – complemented by a grid of PRBS, Historic and Invited Sports and Touring Cars and the very popular inaugural visit by the Classic Sports Sedans from Queensland.

Follow this link View results here for full race results

We were also gratified to see so many familiar faces from 2005 (and the subsequent years), including over 20 drivers and many more flaggies and officials. Even Mal Brewster was back on his feet, to share Track Walk and FoSC Master duties with Bruce Stewart and Ray Gulson.

On Saturday, “after work” we hosted a special 10 th Birthday Happy Hour in the Wakefield Park Café. We were able to say a few words to the assembled throng, including a special thank you to our Patron, Mr Lawler; and we had a bigger than usual Officials’ Raffle, with 10 prizes donated by Meguiars, Bendix, Next Media and FoSC.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone concerned, including Matt and the Wakefield Park team, drivers, officials, emergency crew and all volunteers, this was a fitting way to mark 10 years of “the way motor sport should be”.

Dave Nichols, President, on behalf of the FoSC Committee.


FoSC Inaugural Invitation Meeting on the Druitt (North) Circuit
Sydney Motorsport Park

Saturday 7th March 2014

View results here

Wow! What a way to kick off our 10 th anniversary season. It may not have had quite the crowds that Mardi Gras did that night, but our SMP Druitt circuit meeting on March 7 th was certainly a big event – one of our biggest in the last few years in fact. We were knocked out by the number of entries; with over 170, the Drivers’ Briefing was reminiscent of our Bathurst meetings. And we were over the moon at how well it went. Even the relatively few incidents were resolved in record time. So a huge thank you and congratulations to everyone involved – drivers, officials, flaggies, emergency crews, scrutineers, commentators, the ARDC, event management and our supporters. Days like this make all the hard work worthwhile and confirm that we’re on the right track (pardon the pun) with our kind of motor sport. Our late colleague, Chris Payoe, would have been very proud.

With so many big fields, you’ll have to go to Natsoft for all the placings, but here’s a summary of the top three in each event.
Excel Championship.
Now a regular FoSC fixture, the Excel events featured the spirited driving and close completion we’ve come to expect from this established one-make series.
R1: Daniel Smith; Adam Bryant; Emily Duggan
R7: Adam Bryant; Daniel Smith; Matt Stockwell.
R13: Daniel Smith; Adam Bryant; Matt Stockwell.

Regularity A.
Our usually well-subscribed Regularity fields were further boosted with a group of Clubmans. As the results show, they can be consistent as well as quick.
R2: Tony King (2004 MX5); Judd Smith (1977 260Z); Darren Freeman (2003 PRB).
R8: Geoff Owens (1974 260Z); Steve Pryor (1973 240Z); Ben Jensen (2007 PRB).
R14: Steve Molloy (2005 Birkin); Tony King; Ben Jensen.

Historic & Invited Sports & Touring Cars.
Clubmans also featured in these events, but they didn’t have it all their own way. The Alfa Romeos waved the tricolore for Milan on every occasion.
R3: Alan Nolan (1977 Nola Chev); Don Collyer (2002 Caterham); David Capraro (2004 Alfa 156).
R9: Don Collyer; Greg Read (2001 Westfield); Brad Morrin (1965 Milano GT).
R15: Don Collyer; Daniel Gatto (1980 Alfa GTV); Doug Selwood (1984 Alfa GTV).

VEK Tools Pulsar Challenge.
Another one-make series had its FoSC debut on Saturday, bringing Pulsars from NSW and Victoria to provide some new sights, sounds and colour for our meetings.
R4: Trevor Keene; Dimitri Agathos; Greg Wood.
R10: Trevor Keene; Johnny Rachelle; Greg Wood.
R16: Trevor Keene; Dimitri Agathos; Johnny Rachelle.

PAYCE Historic Touring Cars.
Along with new sponsor, Payce, the Historic Touring Cars brought a healthy field, including some big bangers to the party – wheelspinning off the startline and stretching their legs on the Druitt circuit
R5: Michael Anderson (1971 XY GT); Daniel Kennedy (1971 GTHO); Alf Bargwanna (1972 Torana XU-1).
R11: Michael Anderson; Daniel Kennedy; John Harrison (1965 Mustang).
R17: Michael Anderson; Daniel Kennedy; John Harrison.

Regularity B.
Typically for FoSC, we had a plethora of makes and ages – drivers as well as cars – further underlining that Regularity is a strong and rewarding sport in its own right.
R6: John Mariotto (2014 WRX); David Price (1992 MR2); Alan Morrin (1984 GT40).
R12: James Kirkwood (1984 Corolla); John Mariotto; Stan Foster (1934 US Legend).
R18: James Kirkwood; Gary Goldsborough (1967 Camaro); John Wright (1964 Milano GT).

Courtesy of Rob Annesley

See more of Rob's great shots on the day here

(Pics by Rob Annesley)

FoSC August 2014 Invitation
Sydney Motorsport Park - "Amaroo" (South) Circuit
Sunday 3rd August 2014

FoSC August Invitation. SMP “Amaroo” South Circuit,
Sunday 8 th August 2014.

Anyone camping overnight in temperatures right on freezing would have welcomed the sunny day that dawned. And everyone welcomed the great day’s competition that followed.
With FoSC hosting Championship rounds for the Excels, Historic Touring Cars and PRBs, close, fast racing was the order of the day and once the track warmed up, drivers were posting good times.
Filling out the programme were two Regularity fields and a combined grid of Historic and Invited Racing, Sports and Touring Cars – which naturally developed into races within races, with their own close dicing.
FoSC also welcomed some more novices to their Come & Try programme – several graduates of which have moved into Regularity competition, like April Hissey (’70 Jaguar XJ6).
Despite some delays in early events, the experienced FoSC team soon caught up time and even managed to include their now familiar Partners Parade at lunchtime.
The large roll-up of over 130 competitors included some new and interesting vehicles, such as Ian Johnson’s ’64 Corvair, Bruce Grant’s ’70 Volvo 142 and Trevor Parrott’s ’98 Brooke.
At their usual Happy Hour for drivers and officials, after the last race, the winners of the Officials’ Raffle took home prizes generously donated by Meguiars, Next Media and the FoSC Committee.
Everyone is looking forward to the next FoSC meeting here on Sunday 16 th November, when the organisers plan to announce the calendar for their 10 th anniversary year in 2015.

Thanks to all the entrants and officials who made the day such a success.

The FoSC Organising Committee


Download List of Entrants Here


Have you heard about the proposed motorsport complex for the Nowra region in NSW?
If you wish to know more
- download the "background document" here

Aternatively, got to www.shoalhavenmotorsportcomplex.com.au

FoSC 2014 Mid Winter Invitation - "Amaroo"

Sunday 8th June 2014

FoSC Celebrates Queen’s Birthday at SMP South Circuit.

Everything went even better than hoped for at the Festival of Sporting Cars’ “Queen’s Birthday Invitation” race meeting – apart from the shocking pollution from WSID, which resulted in at least one FoSC official receiving medical treatment. With nearly 130 entrants, for Racing, Regularity and Come & Try events, there was non-stop action and a great buzz around the pits and paddock. It was gratifying to be able to welcome many new faces and vehicles, as well as entrants who’ve been regulars for the last nine years. One happy newcomer said FoSC must be “the best-kept secret in motor sport”. Feature events included Championship rounds of the Excel Racing Series and the Historic Touring Cars Association – both regular FoSC supporters. Also on the programme were races for Historic and Invited Racing Cars, and Historic and Invited Sports and Touring Cars. FoSC’s strong reputation in Regularity was underlined by two good-sized fields – with a diverse mix of vehicles, including some beautifully restored classics. Another FoSC feature – the Come & Try sessions for newcomers to motor sport – attracted a keen group who received tuition from FoSC Masters like Mal Brewster and Ray Gulson, and their team of mentors. Thanks to Peter Amos, Don Anderson and Geoff Pike, we even had camera coverage of most of the circuit; which was of great assistance to everyone in the Tower. Being a long weekend had brought the usual concerns about entry numbers and availability of officials; so you can imagine how stoked we were that so many of them rallied to the cause – thank you everyone!  Even the weather put on its best behaviour, with the forecast showers having the decency to wait until the final chequered flag fell!

Thanks to all the entrants and officials who made the day such a success.

The FoSC Organising Committee




FoSC “Christmas Invitation” race meeting at SMP Amaroo Circuit
7 th and 8 th December 2013
Thank You
to everyone who made the final FoSC event for 2013 such a success,
and to all those who, throughout 2013, have helped deliver the FoSC philosophy

"Competitive Motor Sport - simply for the fun of it"

With over 120 entrants in nearly 40 events (plus Practice and Qualifying), for Historic and Invited Sports, Racing and Touring Cars, plus Sidecars and even a Come and Try field for novices to get used to circuit competition it was certainly a busy weekend for all concerned.

As innovative as ever, FoSC ran fields as diverse as a dedicated Datsun Z Consistency, a Veloce Racing Association Challenge for Alfa Romeos and the final round of the Excel Racing Championship series – the latter being won by Nathan Gotch, with Ian Kegg and Michael Hiscoe as runners-up – plus the more familiar Sports, Racing and Touring car categories.

A regular feature of FoSC meetings, was the presence of the Masters – a group of legendary racers, including John Leffler, Spencer Martin, Bruce Stewart, Ray Gulson and Mal Brewster (with guest instructors Geoff Pike, Rob Jardine, Denis Tobin and Mike Dyer) – who provided driver education, not only for the Come and Try entrants, but anyone who wants expert advice.

On a lighter note, one pit-crew member who camped overnight was surprised to be awoken by a fox tugging on his trouser leg – can’t imagine that happening at a street circuit!

View The Results at Natsoft

Group photos of the VRA, Datsun Z, Excel and Sidecar fields
(Thanks to Michael Jardine)
Click on the thumbnail for a larger screen image
Use the links below to download a High Resolution Image for printing
Note that the High Resolution Images may take some time to download



Download Hi Res Image of Zeds              Download Hi Res Image of Alfas         Download Hi Res Image of Sidecars         Download Hi Res Image of Excels


Some of the Action from the "Christmas Invitation"
(Courtesy of John Smith and Mark Law)



Some of the Action from "Amaroo Two" back in August

“Amaroo Two” - Sydney Motorsport Park
Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 August, 2013

What’s better than one day at Amaroo? Two days. And it certainly was. The weather gods smiled on us. We tried lots of new things, including a Come and Try Day for drivers on Saturday and a Sidecar Training Day for “swingers” on Sunday conducted by ALMCC and MNSW; we also hosted a round of the Excel Championship and one of the PRB Championship; and, of course, we had our very popular Partners Parade both lunchtimes. All of which went down very well, as you can tell from the comments below.
Of course, we didn’t forget our roots and were pleased to welcome scores of competitors in Historic and Invited Sports, Racing and Touring Cars, plus two fields of Regularity. Even the sidecar guys and girls got into the spirit of things, signing up for an impromptu race on Sunday afternoon, even after an exhausting day of training.


See Results at Natsoft

See Photos from the weekend by

MHP Photography

Throttle Jam Photography

Phil Sim


Some of the action from the "One Day at Amaroo in June"
(With thanks to MHP Photography, Phil Sim, and Throttle Jam Photography )
We were pleased to welcome many of our regulars – like Groups S and N, Regularity - plus lots of new blood and a group of FoSC stalwarts who’d been AWOL for a few meetings but came back to enjoy our way of doing things, and Wakefield’s unique climate.
With a little over 100 entrants, this meeting didn’t have Goulburn hoteliers rushing for their No Vacancy signs, so we tried to give everyone who did come value for money and a couple of innovations to make the programme more interesting.
One was series of Handicap races, for Sports and Touring Cars – not exactly original, but new for FoSC. The other was a Partners Parade – to give drivers’ friends or family a chance to get out on the circuit – behind the wheel or as a passenger – to see what it’s all about (and maybe get ‘the bug’). Judging by the responses, both could become regular FoSC features. We look forward to catching up with everyone again in June.
Our photographer (thanks Dave) captured some of the great "FoSC Team" in action



FoSC @ Sydney Motorsport Park

Saturday 29th September 2012
A great day of "MOTORSPORT FOR THE ENTHUSIAST" for all entrants at the first RACE meeting on the new Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit.
Thanks and congratulations to the ARDC for their efforts and resolve in making the new circuit facilities ready for the day.
Even the overnight stormy weather was gone by daybreak and the light cloud cover resulted in a pleasant day temperature wise.
Thanks to the entrants for your tidy and disciplined approach to competing on a new "tight and busy" circuit.
The South Circuit certainly provides an interesting contrast to the "more flowing nature" of the original GP Circuit, but as they say, "variety is the spice of life".

See Results at Natsoft


Some of the Team that made the day so successful
(With thanks to Michael Jardine)
Vale Warren Weldon

Many thanks for allowing the SCCNSW to be part of Warren's tribute lap of honour today. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the day and were proud to participate. I will let you know when we have our video, and web page done.

Just wanted to thank you and the organisers for a wonderful day on Saturday. Great people, Great cars, Great circuit.
The Tribute to Warren Weldon topped off the day. Well Done.